Email Marketing: The Most Cost-Effective Way To Connect With Customers

Email Marketing is a cost-effective way to deliver your message. Using email marketing, you can send a series of messages to your actual and potential customers, educating them about your products and services.
Besides, customers will be able to share your email advert with their friends and family.
And the more customers spread the word about your business, the more your sales grow.

Features of our Email Marketing System:

  1. Sender ID: The email advert we send for you will appear to have come from your email address, complete with your name (e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  2. Replies: All the replies from your potential customers will come directly into your inbox..

  3. Cost per Email Advert: We will charge you One Uganda Shilling (1/=) per email we send for you to our database of over 200,000 Ugandan Email Addresses- Making Email Marketing many times cheaper than Newspaper, Radio or Outdoor Advertising.

  4. Embedding your Website Links: Yes, we can embedd your website address in the email so customers can go directly to your website.

  5. How Often can you send: We can only send for you 1 email marketing campaign per month.

  6. Easy to Share: Customers can easily forward an email adverts with an enticing or useful offer to friends or colleagues in just seconds, creating enormous viral marketing opportunities for your business. .

  7. Immediacy: Due to the immediacy of email, a business can start seeing results within hours of its emails being sent.

When you consider the above benefits of email marketing, it's easy to see why it's time for your business to implement Email Marketing Today.


Let us help you get your message out:

A monthly email will keep your brand in your target consumer’s mind.

To Send out your Email Marketing Campaign Today. 

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